University of the Philippines Diliman Gender Office

About Us


The UPDGO specifically aims to:

  1. To be the Gender Representative of the UP Diliman in the Committee of the Office of Anti-Sexual Harassment (OASH) and the UCWS Coordinating Committee;
  2. To mainstream gender awareness and sensitivity in curriculum building, teaching, research, information dissemination, extension and administration;
  3. To promote gender-sensitivity advocacy and volunteerism among all sectors of the UP Diliman constituency, including to function as a field placement for the practicum of students interested in gender-related issues and organizing;
  4. To respond to the needs of UP Diliman constituents, organizations and units for knowledge and information on gender and deeper understanding of gender and sexuality issues through:
    • Dissemination of information
    • Conduct of fora, seminars, and discussions and regular gender-sensitivity trainings
    • Provision of gender-sensitive feminist crisis counseling
    • Provision of accessible reception and speedy response to  gender-related concerns and complaints;
  5. To develop and disseminate information, education and communication materials on needed gender-related matters;
  6. To coordinate with and assist OASH on related activities, such as GSTs for its hearing pool, counseling needs and others;
  7. To link up and coordinate with organizations, units and groups in and outside UP Diliman, on shared key gender concerns. 


In 1999, Dr. Rosario del Rosario, who was then the Deputy Director for Training of the University Center for Women’s Studies (UP CWS) advocated for the institutionalization of the Gender Office in U.P. Diliman. Through the efforts of UP CWS, the Diliman Gender Committee evolved to what is known today as the UP Diliman Gender Office. It was Dr. Del Rosario who coordinated the activities of the UPD Gender Office while also serving as the Deputy Director for Training of the UCWS and even until UPDGO became a separate office.

The beginning years were marked with volunteerism from different colleges in Diliman such as the College of Social Work and Community Development (CSWCD), College of Arts and Letters (CAL), College of Education (CEd), College of Home Economics (CHE), College of Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP), College of Science (CS), and even from other UP chapters such as UP Baguio and UP Integrated School, and specialized centers such as the UP Office of Legal Aid (UP OLA) and Center for Integrative and Development Studies (CIDS) and the University Student Council (USC) Gender Committee.

At present the UP Diliman Gender Office works closely with the Office of Anti-Sexual Harassment (OASH) and the UP CWS. It is under the Offfice of the Chancellor and is awaiting its institutionalization as a Gender Center with the Board of Regents’ approval.

The UPDGO has been giving Gender Sensitivity Trainings to faculty and students from different colleges; organizing fora on gender topics and issues; advocating for the integration of gender in the curriculum; providing list of courses on women, gender and sexuality; providing counseling services regardless of gender or sexual orientation. It has also participated in researches on gender and sexuality. It is working in partnership with the College of Law Office of Legal Aid, UP Health Service, UP Police and the Office of Guidance and Counseling in its efforts to respond to gender-related crisis situations.