Created in 1999 as a committee to respond to the gender-related needs of UP Diliman, the UP Diliman Gender Office (UPDGO) became an office in 2001, eventually joined the units directly under the Office of the Chancellor in 2003, and has since evolved in the nature, scope, and complexity of gender work.

The UP Diliman Gender Office (UPDGO) plays a vital role in all gender matters, issues, and concerns at the University of the Philippines Diliman. UPDGO serves under the Office of the Chancellor with the mandate of attending to the implementation of gender mainstreaming and promotion of gender knowledge and discourses at the University of the Philippines Diliman. We enjoin all sectors of the UP Community to work towards maintaining a humanitarian, safe, and gender-responsive campus, free from all forms of discrimination, abuse, and violence. Advocating strategies for promoting human rights of women and working for the elimination of discrimination in sex and sexuality, the UPDGO is in the service of and cooperates with twenty-four (24) colleges and fifty-eight (58) units, the constituent offices of the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellors, and all student populations and organizations within UP Diliman through its programs: Training and Seminars, Research and Publication, Psychosocial and Legal Counseling, GAD Focal Point System and GAD Committee Work, and Advocacy and Public Service.